Go VoxBox Review

I’m back with another Influenster review.

photo 2

I received my Go Vox Box about a month ago and like usual couldn’t wait to tear it open.

This box included:

Playtex Sport Fresh Balance

Vitamin Shoppe Next Step Fit N Full Protein Shake

Blue Diamond Blueberry Flavored Almonds

Profoot Triad Orthodic AND Profoot Pedi Rock

Aqua Spa Body Creme 

1 Voucher for a FREE Muller Yogurt Product

photo 3

I’ll cut right to the chase: the only thing I really liked were the Blue Diamond Blueberry Flavored Almonds. I’ve been a big fan of Blue Diamond products for a while and knew these would be great. They were sweet, crunchy, and surprisingly blueberry-y.

photo 1I’m not going to review Playtex. They’re tampons. They do what tampons do. Let’s move on.

The Vitamin Shoppe shakes were the most disappointing. I only tried the berry flavor and honestly couldn’t stomach the thought of another one. I’ve tried many, many different protein shakes and have loved most of them. This was the first time I almost considered tossing my smoothie out completely. It was sickly sweet and reminded me of cough syrup. Nothing I would ever want after a workout. The protein powder also came with a shaker cup, but I’ve been using the Blender Bottle for a while and love it and have no plans of switching anytime soon.

With the Profoot Pedi Rock… it’s okay. They say you don’t have to use it in the shower…but I tried out of the shower and then your skin just kind of gets everywhere. Because you’re exfoliating. Plus, pedicures might be my only consistent indulgence.

The Aqua Spa Body Creme.. I really wanted to like this. The creme was thick, always a good start, and not greasy, even better, and LAVENDER. I love lavender. But this lavender just kind of smelled like old lady. And don’t get me wrong, I love strong lavender smells. I always toss lavender essential oils in at bath time, but this was so perfume-y. I wouldn’t use it for everyday wear… but I do find myself slathering it on now and then when I know I’m not going to see people right away and the smell has a chance to dilute.

Last, Muller yogurt. To be fair to the yogurt, when I got to the store most flavors were sold out. I tried two kids: vanilla with granola and plain greek with strawberry. The vanilla with granola was too sweet. I’m a fan of Fage 2% plain yogurt and don’t like the sugary flavors. I wasn’t impressed with the greek/strawberry combo either. The strawberry was too sugary and the greek yogurt wasn’t very tart or thick. Overall, no.

But, it’s so, so, so fun trying tons of new products. Thank you Influenster! These products were all given to me for free, but this subpar opinions are 100% my own. 


4 thoughts on “Go VoxBox Review

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