Influenster obsessed

This is going to sound sponsored.

It’s not.

I’m absolutely obsessed with Influenster.

I never, never sign up for those websites that promise free stuff for your feedback, but for some reason I did with Influenster. It’s not like one of those things where you have to take surveys about stuff you never use, or sign up for stuff – you literally pick and choose stuff you care about to review and then, enjoy, and share the goodies they pass along.

So far I’ve gotten three Influenster Vox Boxes and have loved every one.

The latest one was the J’Adore VoxBox stuffed with Red Rose tea (caramel flavor..yumm), Hershey’s kisses (which I gave to my roommate to bring to work), and my favorite product so far – Boots Botanics clay mask.

I’ll spare you the picture of my mud-covered face that I snap chatted to my friends, but this stuff is good.


I’ve been really, really into baths as an act of self care, so I keep an ever-growing basket of fun stuff like scrubs and masks next to the tub for when I’m soaking. It’s absolutely the best.

Influenster also recently sent me my new favorite mascara – Scandal Eyes by Rimmel. Ohmygod amazing. I’m not really into makeup, but I’m super picky about mascara, and this stuff is gold.

Anyway, this is the point where I tell you that I got all of this stuff for free. I get some points on Influenster for writing about my experience and will hopefully continue getting products to try – but if you have some free time and don’t mind linking up all your social media accounts/reviewing stuff you love, Influenster is absolutely awesome.


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