Monday Confessions

Hi there! How was everyone’s weekend?

Let’s start off this week with a clean conscious.

1. I’ve been drinking Powerade Zero.

I try (not always successfully) to limit diet drinks to the weekend even though ideally I’d like to cut them all together. I’m having a hard time kicking the Powerade habit. It doesn’t even taste that good, but it feels like such a treat to drink something so sweet. It’s full of stuff I can’t pronounce, yet I continue to down it anyway.

2. I finally went back to the gym last week.

I let yet another month go by of no gym visits. There were some non-traditional workouts, but for the most part I’ve been a lazy bum, watching way too much Netflix and not enough calorie burning. I feel like I’m back on my game food-wise but am slacking in the movement department! Time to bribe myself with pedicures, froyo, new gym clothes, and….Powerade. I keep using the weather or allergies as an excuse, but its time to get it together and get my sweat on. I want to run a 5K soon!

3. I pick through the salads at Whole Foods for the cheese.

Hello, my name is Jodi and I’m a cheese addict. Two years ago I didn’t even really like cheese all that much and now I’m in full blown love.  I don’t really keep it in the house but when I eat out at Whole Foods I’ll pick just the cheese out of all the different salads. Totally. Busted. Sorry I’m not sorry <—-most obnoxious saying ever!

4. I can’t stop listening to “Just give me a Reason” by Pink (P!ink??)

Her voice combined with Fun.’s front man just hits all the right notes. It’s been on repeat for days. Pop explosion in my brain.

5. I just bought new workout pants for the first time since losing weight.

When I first started walking oh…two years ago…I bought about four pairs of the same Champion black capri pants from Target that I’ve worn this entire time. I decided enough was enough this weekend and went for a pair of new black compression capri pants from Old Navy.  I’ve been really good at holding off buying new clothes while losing weight to save money, but some things are worth it.


Do you have anything to confess?



3 thoughts on “Monday Confessions

  1. I never thought I’d be saying this, but I confess that I miss running! Since my back surgery, I haven’t been doing any workouts. As it slowly changes to spring here in MN, I drive people out running and feel a pang of jealousy. So my advice to you – run because you CAN! 😉 Sign up for your next 5k today and you’ll have a reason to work toward something – a PR, perhaps? 😉

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