Have you seen the documentary Vegucated? I watched it this weekend and it scared the bajeeeeesus outta me! It both made me want to swear off all animal products and had me whimpering about the future of the earth. Double whammy. Watch with caution!

I’ve already been leaning vegetarian lately but it was a good thing I didn’t plan on eating meat this week.. I don’t think I could stomach it right now.

My grocery cart was full of vegetables!


The plan for eats this week is sweet blueberry quinoa for breakfast, salads with creamy tahini lentils (tahini dressing recipe from Oh She Glows) for lunch and the vegetable bowl of love for dinner.


What’s a bowl of love you ask?!

It’s when I sautée a HEAP of vegetables and smother it with tomato sauce and toss in a few beans for protein.

This week featured a mix of cauliflower, baby bella shrooms, brussels sprouts and zucchini topped with (my favorite and 35 calorie) tomato sauce from Whole Foods and chickpeas.

When I first started losing weight I ate some version of this bowl of love for dinner every single night. Glad it’s making a return!



Snacks have been all about fruit. Apples, bananas, strawberries. Can’t get enough.

I’ve also been going nuts for tea lately. Across the street from my (new and wonderful!!!) office is a new-to-me fair trade tea room with jars and jars of loose teas. So far I’ve tried tangerine ginger and cinnamon plum and both were crazy delicious. I’m a tea lover and ashamed to say this was my first time using an infuser. I’m hooked! I always thought it was a big process to use an infuser but it couldn’t have been easier. Tea-licious! 😉




Now…the numbers

Starting weight: 243

Last weigh-in:154.5

This week: 154

Total lost: 89

Click here for every weigh in, ever.


4 thoughts on “Vegucated

  1. I’m making some version of that sauce this week from Oh She Glows (and even bought the same tahini!)–putting it over roasted cauliflower, chick peas, and broccoli (that is, whenever I have an evening to actually do that–need to start food prepping!). Also, yay for tea and new jobs and all the good stuff. So much happiness for you!

    • I tried to actually follow the recipe, but ended up only using half the amount of nutritional yeast. I thought it was good but a little too lemony…I would dial that back next time. LOVE roasted cauliflower. Yum!!

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