Middle of the road

Hello and happy What I Ate Wednesday!

Ok, what your about to see might look like paleo.

But, it’s not.

After whole30, I went a little carb and sugar crazy, but I believe there is balance to be found between paleo and everything else and that’s what I’m going for.

I really do like how a higher protein diet makes me feel, but I don’t like the idea of restriction so the name of the game will be moderation from now on.

Breakfast: I’m not sure what to call this. In the bottom of my single-lady ramekins are a mixture of ground beef and onions and on top is a layer of acorn squash and cinnamon. I’ve talked about before how I usually only like sweet breakfasts and typically just stick with oatmeal but I was actually craving savory this week so this paleo creation fit the bill.


I’ve made spaghetti squash before but this was my first time trying my hand with an acorn squash.


It smelled delicious roasting in the oven!


Lunch: I enjoy eating salads every day but I try and keep them interesting and varied so I don’t get burnt out on leafy greens. This week featured a salad of baby spinach, tomato, green olives, turkey pepperoni, and two hard boiled eggs dressed with two teaspoons of olive oil. I was inspired by the idea of a cobb salad, but (and don’t hate me) I don’t really love bacon so turkey pepperoni worked perfectly.


Dinner:  Back when I first started cooking for myself I used to call anything mixed with tomato sauce a “bowl of love” and for a while it was the only way I really knew how to cook. Sautee, cover with pasta sauce, eat. My go-to bowl of love was a mixture of kale and zucchini and either chicken sausage or chickpeas smothered in Whole Foods fat free pasta sauce.

If you think I’m  obsessed with oatmeal, you should have seen me with zucchini. I used to eat three a week, minimum. What can I say? I like what I like :).

Anyway, this week I updated my bowl of love combo with eggplant and cauliflower cooked in coconut oil and paired with a filet of tilapia and smothered in sauce.

Eggplant is still a new vegetable to me. Up until last year I wouldn’t touch the purple plant but now I’ve become a big fan. It helps that anything cooked in coconut oil is delicious, too.


For snacks I’ve gone with apples, baby carrots, cashews (addicted! someone please take them away!), and way too much coffee. Remember what eight hours of sleep felt like? No? Me either. Thank you, caffeine.

Now…The Numbers.

Starting weight: 243

Last week: 160

This week: 159.5

Change: -.5

Total loss: 83.5


6 thoughts on “Middle of the road

  1. A few things.
    1) How did you make those little beef-squash ramekins? Would love the recipe/method!
    2) I, too, don’t love bacon. People think I’m crazy. I like it by itself or in a BLT. That’s it. Not on/in anything else.
    3) Anything covered in a tomato sauce – BOWL OF LOVE. I love that! I love tomatoes and I never thought to just top things with tomato sauce. Of COURSE that would taste excellent.

    Thank you for sharing!

    • Hi!
      Ok so for the ramekins I browned the beef and onions together on the stove and then just spooned the mixture into the bottom. For the top, I roasted the acorn squash in the oven by just cutting it in half and placing it squash side down on a cookie tray. When the squash was soft, I scooped it out and layered it on top…then baked the ramekins for about another 15 minutes.

      I’m with you on the BLT’s – delicious!

  2. I *almost* always crave a savory breakfast in the morning! I think it’s because I end my day with something sweet (usually vanilla casein “fudge” + peanut butter). However, I also always add a sweet component to the savory, such as fruit or even a few pieces of chocolate. (Yep, I eat chocolate in the morning!. Occasionally, I wake up craving sweet pancakes, and when that happens, I go big. 🙂

    Your acorn squash ramekins look delicious; I might try that method with eggs. 🙂 Have you ever cooked a kabocha squash? It’s by far my favorite variety! I bet it would be a delicious variation!

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