Fully restored

How nice it is to be using my computer from the comfort of my bed!

After nearly six days of darkness, power was restored to my apartment early Sunday. It’s a small place so the rooms are quickly heating back up. I’m excited to have hot water back to make doing the dishes and showering a bit more pleasant.

Luckily, I had planned to be in Baltimore visiting my college roommate Amanda for most of the the days that Fair Lawn was without light.

Amanda and I were randomly assigned to be roommates seven years ago at Ramapo College and have been best friends ever since. Some things have stayed the same, but a lot has changed!

Can you see the faded pink streaks in my hair?! I think we both look pretty different now, all grown up 😉

I had never been to the city before, and she just moved there three months ago so we both did a fair bit of exploring. We got pedicures, played with her new dog Ginger, and ate lots of good food and wine.

Baltimore is filled with all different kind of venues, the most popular being pubs but Amanda agreed to skip over those and instead took me to some awesome healthy spots like Liquid Earth – a raw/vegan/vegetarian cafe where I got a Philly Cheeze Phake that was over-the-top amazing.

I have a tendency to go into vacation mode when I’m on, well, vacation – but I was really proud of my eating habits on this trip. I made oatmeal in the mornings at her apartment, chose salads with healthy proteins for lunches and dinners, and practiced moderation when it came to wine and sweets.

Even though it was pretty cold and windy while I was there, I managed to get a run in. Amanda walked Ginger while her boyfriend and I ran about three cold and hilly miles at Patterson Park. I was glad he was with me because my first really cold- weather run (since last year) proved to be quite challenging. The combination of the hills and the cold kicked my butt and I had to take a few walking breaks.

I also convinced Amanda to bundle up and walk around the Inner Harbor and Fell’s Point instead of seeing a movie.


Some activity is better than none!

Now that the power is back, life almost feels normal again except I’m still working from home because service is still out for NJ Transit and the PATH.

My focus this week will be about making healthy eating and exercise a priority as my schedule continues to be a little wacky. I’m concerned that the train situation, especially in lower Manhattan, will add even more time to my already long commute, but hoping for the best. Wish me luck!


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