Black out

In two days, I’ve eaten oatmeal by candlelight three times.


It’s quite possible that I didn’t prepare for the storm of the century as well as I’d hoped.


I’m lucky, to say the least. My power is out, but my roommate and I are safely holed up in the apartment and my friends and family in the tristate area all made it through the 24 hours of wind and rain unscathed.

The damage around Fair Lawn is widespread and shocking, but only blips on the radar compared to the destruction elsewhere.


Soon NJ Transit and the PATH will be back in service, and the subways will again pulse under New York

I’ve always lived close to the city, but working there, spending my lunch hour wandering up and down avenues, has given me a new appreciation for the big apple.

It’s hard to believe that in the last day some of the spots I’ve grown to love, like Battery Park, were flooded with water.


Right now I’m typing this post on my phone, my tiny apartment is aglow with candlelight and I have a giant mug of apple spice tea by my side.

Sure, for some, Sandy has caused major upheaval, but I’m grateful for the time to indulge in simple pleasures. Reading in bed in the morning, walking into town and bonding with neighbors over the shared storm experience, and of course the forced time off from work hasn’t been too bad either.

I hope everyone affected is safe and dry! I’m off to Baltimore tomorrow to spend a few days with my roommate from college who has other pleasures waiting for me…namely electricity.

Now…The Numbers.

Starting weight: 243

Last week: 162

This week: 158

Change: -4

Total loss: 85

I realize this is a lot of weight to lose in one week..chalking it up to my current hurricane diet.

Click here for every weigh-in, ever.


8 thoughts on “Black out

  1. Oatmeal by candlelight, I love it! So happy to hear you’re safe and making the most of the time at home. Have a great time in Baltimore — so much good food in that town 🙂

      • Are you still in B’more?? I’m such a dummy for not seeing this sooner. When I visited I went to a resto called Woodberry Kitchen that was just incredible! I had dinner there but I bet brunch is lovely too. I can’t wait to read about your trip 🙂

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