Every year, without fail, I get a cold around Halloween.

And unfortunately, this year was no different.

But despite the sniffles, I managed to have a great weekend.

Including another PR at a the HoBOOken Halloween 5K on Saturday.

I’m not even sure how, but I managed to run it in 32:30 – almost two minutes faster than the Runner’s World 5k!!

I think this was mostly due to the course being almost completely flat (and beautiful – we ran along the waterfront!), but it also may have had something to do with being chased by a big bad wolf… 😉

With such warm weather, I also had a chance to enjoy the Ramapo Reservation in its leafy prime.

Because I wasn’t feeling too well, I just did a short hike up to the lake and then a few loops around a flat trail, but it was enough to get my blood flowing and to enjoy some great views.

On Saturday night my (married!) friends Paul and Gowri stopped in to say hi and we feasted with some other Indian-food lovers at a nearby and new-to-me restaurant called Dosa House.

Paul leads expeditions through the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest and is heading back there in a couple days, so this was the last time that I’ll see him for a few months.

It was masala dosas and thalis all around!

The rest of the weekend was spent preparing for Hurricane Sandy and pumping myself full of Vitamin C, elderberry, zinc, and hot tea. I’m hoping this is my one and only cold of the season.

Today I’ll be working from home since NJ Transit, the PATH, and all of the subways have been shut down.  It’s probably for the best since I’m still sneezing quite a bit.

Hopefully my apartment stays dry and the power stays on and I’ll be back with another post Wednesday.

Before I go – I just wanted to take a second to say how overwhelmingly touched I was by the amount of support, comments, feedback, encouragement and well wishes that I received on my last post. I’m always a bit nervous and apprehensive to hit publish on something that personal to me, but not once have I regretted sharing my life through this blog. When I’m tired, when I don’t feel like cooking, when I can’t run another step, and when I’m so frustrated that I want to scream – it’s knowing that there is a community of support out there that keeps me going. Thank you.


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