Monday link up

Annnnd, it’s Monday again. I think the weather is supposed to be nice this week – hopefully the sun will stay out so I can enjoy some more of New York in the fall.

Walking down 6th Ave

This weekend had its ups and downs.

It began with me waiting for hours for AAA to come replace my dead car battery but ended with a beautiful fall hike through the Ramapo Reservation.

Thanks, dude!

I had froyo. Twice. And, IMHO, Frozen Peaks has the best pumpkin pie flavor. I should know, I’ve tasted all of them.

I also ate a lot of cheese.

As in, macaroni and cheese.

As in, grilled cheese.

And as in, cheese is delicious I think I’ll have some more cheese.

What I didn’t do, is take a lot of pictures, or set aside a lot of time to write.

So here are things other people wrote, that I thoroughly enjoyed:



5 thoughts on “Monday link up

  1. Thanks for the link love! I wish I could say I’m feeling better since writing that post, but kind of in the same mindset. Hopefully I will remedy that soon. 🙂

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