I hate to just eat and run but…

I’ve been terrible at making time for blogging lately.

I wish I had better pictures to show you for What I Ate Wednesday, because the food has been so, so good.

If you just started reading (hi!) every week I share my meals along with a bunch of other bloggers who participate in What I ate Wednesday run by the fabulous Peas and Crayons. In my case, I make a big batch of food on Sunday and eat the same meal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day for the week. Here we go:

Breakfast: Pumpkin oatmeal! My weekend treat has carried over to weekdays 🙂 If you have never tried whipping egg whites into your oatmeal, please do so!! My method of using chia seeds and egg whites and two cups of water makes for one big creamy bowl of oats that’s so much better than any microwaved flavored quick oats. This week the bowl includes 1/2 cup of oats, 1/4 cup of pumpkin, 2 cups of water, 1 tblsp of chia seeds, 1/3 cup of liquid egg whites, and heavy handed shake of cinnamon.

I’ve also been eating a snack between 10-11 a.m. On Tuesday it was a hard boiled egg and Diet Snapple. I try not to drink too many “diet” drinks – but this was calling my name yesterday!

Lunch: Salad with chunks of baked eggplant, love beets, mini seedless cucumbers and chicken breast. The fun toppings are eaten over a few giant handfuls of baby spinach and dressed simply with just some apple cider vinegar.

I made my own chicken breast again this week! So proud :p

Dinner: Ok, it’s a little weird. Ready?

Turkey & broccoli bake with vegan pumpkin cheeze sauce.

Yes, I know turkey is not vegan. But this vegan pumpkin cheeze sauce from Oh She Glows is the most addicting thing ever and I want to smother it on everything all the time.

The whole dish pretty much tastes like Thanksgiving.

Here are the deets:

  • Thaw at least 1 bag of chopped frozen broccoli (I used 1-1/2 bags).
  • Brown 1 lb of ground turkey.
  • Make the vegan cheeze sauce, following Angela’s directions as closely as you can (I used coconut oil instead of non-dairy butter and left out the flour completely).
  • Combine the turkey and broccoli and most of the sauce in a big bowl before pouring into a casserole dish. Top the delicious mess with a layer of sauce and then pop in the oven until the whole thing is heated through and all the flavors had a chance to get to know each other.
  • Stuff your face with it.

Easy, right?

Oh, and if you’re keeping track, yes, I am eating pumpkin for breakfast and dinner.

Also, I’ve been eating it straight from the can mixed with some chocolate PB2 as desert.

Pumpkin three times a day and it’s only Oct. 3! I love fall.

I’ve also been running at night. Honestly, I’d rather run in the morning. I love the way it makes me feel for the entire day, but it’s near impossible to pull myself out of bed before 6 a.m. when it’s pitch black outside. So I’m boycotting morning workouts until the sun starts showing up again! I was probably a little overdressed for my run on Monday (cue the whining about it being cold outside), but it worked out for a slow and relaxing 2.75 miles around my apartment complex.


Now…The Numbers.

Starting weight: 243

Last week: 163

This week: 165

Change: +2

Total loss: 78


5 thoughts on “I hate to just eat and run but…

  1. Every time I read your blogs there’s a recipe I want to try! I tried steel cut oats over the weekend and actually really enjoyed them and stayed full for HOURS. Adding pumpkin is a good way to mix it up from the apples I’ve been putting in. Yayyy fall!

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