Picture this…!

I’m working on a recap of whole30! Meanwhile, enjoy a few snapshots from the weekend.

Friday night in the city, visiting Chobani Soho.

The World Trade Center in the fog.

Saturday morning, finally having a bowl of oatmeal! With pumpkin, chia seeds, egg whites and cinnamon.

After breakfast, I set out on a 5-mile loop from my apartment to Starbucks, and ran about 3.5 miles of the trip.

Sunday morning began early with a trip to the grocery store. Finally could buy Chobani again!

Followed by a trip to see my sister and nephews where we all took a walk through the woods.

Back home for an easy Sunday night dinner, poached eggs and sauteed zucchini.

Now it’s off to get the week started!


5 thoughts on “Picture this…!

  1. Been slacking on the comments…LOVE this blog so much and look forward to your posts! I always forget about eggs…easy and healthy! And the boys love them! THANKS!

  2. I have almost the exact same picture of WTC from when I was in the city the other day haha. The boys look so cute!

    You’ve inspired me to give Chobani another try. I like Oikos but they don’t have nearly as many flavors.

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