All the way

I really thought this weekend was going to test my resolve with Whole30. Between the pizza run on Saturday and a big dinner with family on Sunday (including cookies, cupcakes and ice cream for desert) I was kind of expecting to go off plan – but I made it through the dinner without so much as a lick or taste of sugar, dairy, grains…and maybe the hardest… wine. Total success.

Here’s what I have been eating, in weekly What I ate Wednesday tradition:

Breakfast: Sweet potato & turkey bake. Breakfast is always where I struggle most with the paleo diet. I like sweet things in the morning. Um, sweet potatoes, duh!

The first layer of this casserole is two grated sweet potatoes sprinkled with rosemary. On top I put about a pound of ground turkey and then poured 5 scrambled eggs over the dish before baking it. Delicious and quick to reheat in the morning.


The all important coffee, enjoyed in bed.


Lunch: It’s been rainy and cold so I cooked up a big pot of comfort food to dish out for lunch this week.


In the pot is onion, carrots, mushrooms, chicken thighs, beef broth and a whole bunch of kale.

For easy grab & go access I dished it out into containers for the week.


With all this wind and rain it’s nice to have something hot and hearty in the afternoon to look forward to.


Dinner: Fall means squash right?? I always underestimate how much “meat” a spaghetti squash yields, but hopefully I can finish it all.

I smothered a heaping serving with creamy avocado sauce from Oh She Glows (avocado, EVOO, basil, lemon, garlic, salt & pepper). Leftover pork loin on the side.


I’m really still enjoying Whole30. There’s been a lot of additional stress in my life as of late but I really credit this strict eating plan with my ability to take it all in stride. Normally I would be using any excuse to dig into a cup of frozen yogurt or have a glass (or two, or three) of wine – but it’s nice to know that I don’t need those things after a long day to unwind. Sugar, while it makes me happy in the moment, generally leaves me feeling grumpy and I definitely don’t need the effects of a sugar crash right now.

With each week I’m also feeling more and more empowered in the kitchen. I enjoy the challenge of cooking healthy, delicious food to meet specific nutritional goals. I thought that I wasn’t going to maintain a paleo diet after the challenge was over, but with under two weeks to go I’m not so sure.


In other news…I finally completed a three-mile run! It sucks that it was on the treadmill (boo, rain!) but the time actually passed quickly.

It feels like it took forever to build back my mileage but I finally made it. I ran at an even 12 min/mile pace for the first 2 miles and at an 11:30 min/mile pace for the third. I felt really good throughout and didn’t feel like I was struggling at all.

Also – Can we talk about how my NYC Pizza Run shirt is an EXACT match to Retro Fitness?! The guy behind me is not amused.

Now…The Numbers

Starting weight: 243

Last week: 162.5

This week: 163.5

Change: +1

Total loss: 79.5


5 thoughts on “All the way

  1. All of your meals sound incredible… especially your breakfast combination! Great job on the 3 miles hunnie, and on your weight loss success so far. You are doing wonderful ❤

  2. Totally stealing the breakfast bake idea. I was so happy it was fall again so I could get back to eating sweet potatoes (they’re just not the same in the summer) and now this means I can eat them for breakfast too!

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