NYC Pizza Run recap

Happy Monday!

Is anyone else suffering from allergies? My sinuses are making my whole face hurt!

So when I started Whole30 I knew there would be one day this month I would HAVE to make an exception and deviate from the plan because a few weeks ago I signed up for…THE NYC PIZZA RUN!

The gist is, you run four laps around Tompkins Square Park, totaling 2.25 miles, and after each lap you stop at the pizza station and down a slice of New York’s finest.


The registration for the race was a bit pricey, but the charge went to Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation…and included a free beer post race.

I have to admit, usually I’m intimidated by the other participants when I do races so it was nice to be around a group of runners who were mostly laid back and just looking to have fun. There were people dressed like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and a guy carrying a bottle of Coca-Cola like you would normally see someone carrying a water bottle.

I have no idea about timing or anything because there was no chip in the race bib and the start and finish lines were drawn with chalk, but I ran the first two laps and then walked most of the second two as to not risk any chance of the pizza coming back up….haha.


I wasn’t sure how well my body would react to three slices of pizza between bouts of jogging, but my stomach and legs were strong. I completed the race with two friends who were just as happy as me to be stuffing their face with pizza.

After the race we walked over the Common Ground to cash in on the free beer – but I decided to make the pizza my only “cheat” from Whole30 and graciously passed mine over to my friends and sipped on water instead.

Overall the race was a great experience and I would totally be up for doing more unique races in the future.

Not to get all serious in kind of a silly post, but doings things like this really reminds me how many fun times I would have (and did in the past) miss out on because my weight just prohibited me from participating in life.

Even though there were runners of all shapes and sizes at the event, there is no way I would have ever signed up or even considered doing something like this at 243 pounds. Never.

Hope everyone else had a great weekend and enjoyed the windy fall weather :)!


7 thoughts on “NYC Pizza Run recap

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  2. Jodi this looks so fun!! I’m going to copycat you and make the sausage sweet potato breakfast bake this coming weekend! And yes, fall allergies are in full swing here in boston too. Have a great rest of your week 🙂

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  4. I’m still so impressed with you for doing this! I can barely run a 5K to begin with, let alone doing it with pizza eating involved. =)

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