Walk this way

Despite the heat here in New Jersey, my weekend included lots of walking!

On Saturday I decided to break up exercising into short trips around my ‘hood. I’m lucky to live right off a main street and so was able to get my errands done while working up a sweat. Walking to Dunkin’ Donuts for iced coffee, the post office to mail my rent check, and the library to get some new chick-lit added up to about an hour of walking, but were all done in 10-minute increments – Success!

I ended up not not really liking the books I checked out though. Maybe I’m over chick-lit? I’m a quarter of the way into both and neither has really grabbed me.

On Sunday I was really craving a trip to the park, so I put on my headphones and listened to the NPR: TED Radio Hour podcast on “Food Matters” while getting in a 3-mile walk on the mostly shaded path of the Wild Duck Pond. Even though it was relatively early in the day, I still ended up getting pretty sweaty.

Speaking of podcasts – they are a totally new discovery for me! I guess I always knew they existed, but didn’t realize how easily I could get them on my iPhone. I’m obsessed! I’ve been listening to NPR: TED Radio Hour casts, Freakonomics Radio and Here’s the Thing with Alec Baldwin – Loving them all!

What are your favorites?? I need recommendations!

I also got busy in the kitchen this weekend. My creations began with making coffee ice cubes –  so simple yet so effective. I’m not sure that my upstairs neighbor appreciated the goodness of a homemade frappuccino (coffee ice cubes + chocolate protein powder + almond milk) at 7:30 a.m. on a Sunday, but I was very grateful that my Magic Bullet could grind up those suckers, albeit loudly.

The cooking continued with Zucchini Quinoa Lasagna from Peas and Thank You. I used real cheese and beef broth, so it’s not vegan – but it’s really tasty! I’ll have pictures of my version on Wednesday, but for now feast your eyes on a much prettier lasagna courtesy of Mama Pea, and definitely not taken with an iPhone camera.

Source: peasandthankyou.com via Jodi on Pinterest

I’ve been dying to break into the jar of coconut oil I bought last week and Chocolate-Covered Katie’s three-ingredient chocolate was just the recipe to try for dessert.

To make the chocolate bar, you just mix together coconut oil, agave and unsweetened cocoa powder and then stick it in the freezer. I still can’t believe it worked. I guess it’s similar to a magic shell? I can’t wait to try different flavor combinations and mix-ins. This is some seriously fun chocolate.


I capped off my Sunday night with another walk. The temperature outside finally dropped below 90 degrees as the sun was setting…and it was actually cooler outside than in my apartment, so I laced up my sneakers for a 2-mile loop around my complex.

At the end of my street there is a giant Nabisco factory that always looks so epic as the sun is setting behind it. Not to mention that it coats all of Fair Lawn with the smell of fresh-baked cookies on the regular.

The town I grew up in was so hilly and there were no sidewalks, so I feel like I really appreciate the great location of my apartment now.

It may sound cheesy, but walking is a great way to interact with a new place on a really intimate level. You get to see a lot of things you might miss if you were driving.

There are so many areas of my life that getting healthy has affected in a really positive way – and the desire to simply take walks, instead of just sitting around in front of the TV on a hot day, is definitely up high on the list.

Just wanted to share 🙂

Hope everyone had a great weekend!



4 thoughts on “Walk this way

  1. That coconut oil/chocolate thing sounds so good. So far I’ve only used coconut oil as a moisturizer or hair gel (its great for both btw). I’m excited to move into my new crib and try all the recipes you mentioned (coffee ice cubes…whaaa??) xo

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