Friday NSVs

It’s early. I made my coffee too strong and it was bitter and I’m STILL sore from a session with my trainer on Tuesday (SO MANY SQUATS). I’m meeting with him again in a half hour. So here, my friends, are some happy thoughts to get me through what’s sure to be another killer workout.

1. I can sit with my knees pulled into my chest. Alternatively, I used to need two hands to bring my leg back for a quadriceps stretch…now I can easily bend my leg to touch my heel to my butt!

2. My shin is still feeling a little bit “twingy” BUT….the fact that I can even say the phrase “I would like to get back into running” is unreal to me. I never got to say things like “I need to get back in shape” because I never was in shape. But now I feel like I have a base of fitness.

3. Shaving my legs is So. Much. Easier. TMI? You’ll deal.

4. This is something I both hate and love…but a lot of people have complimented me on my weight loss this week. I’m not sure why this week in particular, but I’m going to enjoy the compliments as recognition of my hard work and not think too much beyond that.

5. I wasn’t going to include this one…because I just complained about it…but when I was shopping for dresses for the wedding tomorrow, I fit into a size 12 everywhere. In Macy’s I thought it was just a fluke, or that the dresses ran big, but in every single store the size 12s fit. Even though I’m not enjoying shopping as much as I would like to, being a size 12 always represented something important in my mind, so now that I’m here I’m going to do my best to appreciate it.


Have a lovely Friday :)!


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