12 ways to beat binge eating

I’m having a hard time dealing with stress this week.


My desire to binge eat is HIGH. The feeling that stuffing my face with food will somehow make my troubles disappear seems ridiculous when I write it out, but it still sounds like a wonderful idea when the little voice in my head whispers it sweetly.


Instead, my more rational self proposes I make a list to deal with my feelings in a much less harmful way.


Here we go.


Things that will make me feel better that do not involve eating everything:

1. Walking/running/dancing around my apartment.

2. Journaling.

3. Cooking.

4. Decluttering/organizing/cleaning my apartment.

5. Talking to friends about what is bothering me.

6. Creating my dream kitchen on Pinterest.

7. A glass of wine.

8. Painting my nails.

9. Watching videos of cute animals on YouTube.

10. Taking time before bed and upon waking up to be thankful, express gratitude and give myself empathy (note: need to work harder on this one!!)

11. Be mindful and conscious that stress is triggering the desire to binge eat. Honor the desire, listen to the desire, and then let it go.

12. Stay in the present. Breathe.



“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.” – Victor Frankl


5 thoughts on “12 ways to beat binge eating

    • It may seem weird, but if I’m feeling overwhelmed, I stay focused and in the present by listing the things I have to do out loud. For some reason this calms me down and helps make things seem manageable.

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