Keep it simple, seriously!

I know the phrase is “keep it simple, stupid” but I decided to change it a bit 😉

Because, seriously, it’s something I need to remember!

I’ve been more than a little overwhelmed lately with all the paleo diet advice out there.

And then I remembered I don’t care at all about eating like a cave(wo)man. I’ve never really been good at following a plan. I’d rather just do my own thing.

I’m not abandoning the principles of paleo eating completely, however.

I’m going to continue to focus on whole, fresh foods, lots of veggies, protein, and how much sugar I’m consuming.

Food restriction and lists of “acceptable” or “allowed” foods just isn’t for me!

But a renewed interest in cooking, an abundance of vegetables and new flavors – that’s something I can get behind.

There are two blogs that I follow that have great mottos. The Life & Lessons of Rachel Wilkerson, who pushes the rule don’t be ridiculous and The Fat Nutritionist who reminds me to Eat food. Stuff You like. As much as you want.

I was both being ridiculous and eating food I didn’t like. Total failure.

Not anymore. Back to basics. Back to me.

Happy Monday 🙂


2 thoughts on “Keep it simple, seriously!

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