Wednesday weigh-in and breakdown

What a strange week it’s been!

I battled post-vacation jet lag, so my normal routine was out the window. I was fighting to stay awake at 2 p.m. and wide awake at 4 a.m. My meal times were all over the place and not very balanced. One night all I could manage for dinner were a few spoon-fulls of peanut butter and 2 dark chocolate squares. Then the weekend hit and I slacked on tracking.

Sitting in this thing for 13+ hours drained me!

What I’m proud of:

Instead of making a beeline straight for the shower and bed after a 24 hour flight from India, I pounded down two cups of coffee and headed to Trader Joe’s. I jumped right back into healthy eating and exercising and made it a priority to have fresh and healthy groceries. It would have been so easy to rely on take out for the first few days, but it felt really important to me that I get back to normal as soon as possible. And despite my fear that I had lost all my gym endurance – I made it there three times this week!

What needs improvement:

I totally gave into stress eating this weekend and didn’t track my eats at all Sunday. I’m going to be writing a post soon about how I deal with emotional and stress eating, but it’s still something I work on on a weekly and sometimes daily basis. Also, I usually try to avoid the candy and food that my coworkers sometime bring into the office, and I totally failed at that this week. I had brought back a couple of bags of candy from India to share, and ended up eating a fair share of them!

The numbers:

Starting weight: 243

Last week: 183.5

This week: 181

Change: -2.5

Total loss: 62

This week I’ll be again focusing on tracking and staying mindful of what I’m eating.

Happy hump day to everyone!

– J


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