Inspired in India

Hello from India!

I’ve been fully enjoying all the sights, sounds and food of this amazing country for the past week. While I have temporarily abandoned calorie counting during this trip, what I’m eating and how I feel eating it still consumes my thoughts.

I’m in India for my friends’ wedding and so am staying at their family’s house where each meal is a celebration. The portions are plentiful and hard to turn down…and you know what? Sometimes that’s ok.

Healthy for me means my first priority is always to be happy. For the most part, my weight loss can be attributed to lifestyle changes that were adopted to make me happier, not skinnier.

This morning I did not and could not record my weight for the first time in over a year.

I dreaded this day for weeks, and yet it passed unceremoniously. I struggle with balance and fear that without a rigid routine, all the weight I’ve lost will be regained in an instant.

This trip has given me a chance to face those fears and appreciate the benefits of how I now live my life.

I have about two weeks left in this fantastic, warm and chaotic land. Two more weeks of being outside my comfort zone and pushing boundaries and learning the lessons that come from stepping away from routine.



3 thoughts on “Inspired in India

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