Another step in the right direction

Hello world!

Why have I decided to start a blog now, more than a year into my gettin’ healthy journey? Because it’s moving forward. It’s accepting that, yes, this is my new life and I should be out there with it.

My head still is not totally with the idea that I have done what millions are struggling to do. Lose a lot of weight. How much you ask? As of today, 65 pounds. And the number grows every month.

It’s significant and sometimes I forget that. Some days the number feels like 5 pounds and sometimes it feels like 100. This blog will tell the story of those struggles.

I was reading some old journals from 65 pounds ago and most of the pages had thoughts like, “I ate too much today” or “I just want to lose this weight” and it hit me that sometimes I still feel like that girl. Eating too much and not taking action to track or combat it.

But that has changed. Every day for the last year, I wrote down what I ate. Every. Single Day. Every week I recorded my progress and almost every day I stepped on the scale to keep myself in check. In the beginning I didn’t exercise. Then I started taking walks. They became longer and longer until it started getting cold out. So then I joined a gym, which I get up early to go to before work 4-6 days a week.

This is my life now and this is my blog to document it.

Happy reading,

Jodeexi 🙂


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